Friday, April 14, 2006

Please, don't fire Rumsfeld...

And I mean it. I'm sick and tired reading about "More retired Generals call for Rumsfeld's Resignation". First, where were these guys when the decision to go to war were made? Why didn't they resign, protest, etc. if they thought that the strategy pursued by Rumsfeld would fail and endanger their troops? These are not Profiles in Courage in any way you look at it. Moreover, as military commanders they were responsible for everything that has taken place in Iraq -- the successes and the screw-ups. Then there is the issue of civilian control over the military. I cannot stand Rumsfeld and am opposed to his policies. But this guy is in charge, selected by the president and confirmed by Congress and I really don't care what the men and women in uniform -- or those who retired from service -- think about this war. If they want to change policies, they should run for office. And finally I can already see what would happen if Rumsfeld is fired. The neocon spin would be that he was the guy responsible for the mess in Iraq. You know the line: The script we wrote was great; it's the producer (Rumsfeld) who couldn't deliver. Now that we have a new Pentagon chief (Condi? Lieberman?) things are going to be fine. So I hope that Rummy will stay in the bunker until the bitter end.

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