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The last days of the Bush Administration


More about Peoria...

Imressions from my recent there as published in the Sinagpore Business Times:

Business Times - 24 Apr 2007

Playing it deep purple in Peoria

Its political culture explains why President Bush and the Republican Party have paid special attention to the area


DESPITE the fact that I've never visited the place, Peoria has been on my mind quite often, especially when I'm trying to break through my writer's block as I search for an appropriate metaphor for a political stand or a policy that supposedly appeals to mainstream America.

Indeed, this so-called All-American City has been celebrated by writers as the representation of the 'average' American locale because of its demographics and alleged mainstream Midwestern politics and culture.

'Will it play in Peoria?' a saying coined on the vaudeville circuit where it was said that if an act would succeed in Peoria, it would play anywhere, has become so much a part of the American po…