Monday, September 11, 2006

The path to Tora Bora: All you need are Balls

I've been watching the "docudrama" The Path to 9/11 on ABC which is about how the Clintonites missed so many chances to get Osama before 9/11. some of these instances were documented in Steve Coll's excellent Ghost Wars and other books although this silly docu-drama gets some of these events mixed up. I counted (in the first part) six times in which actors refer to "balls" like "it took some balls" or "balls of steel" which supposedly the Clintonites didn't have (although we do see Clinton insisting he that he didn't have sex with "that woman" and then we get a glimpse of the Washington Memorial -- Get it? Ha, ha, ha -- and then Monica)but that John O'neill played by Harvey Keitel (above) and his very manly and so, so virile pals (including the women) in the FBI and CIA (minus the lawyers) had. Well, I hope we'll get soo a sequel, The Path to Tora Bora, How bin Laden got away after the Bushies deployed the forces to the most powerful army to catch him -- and failed. As I pointed out in an op-ed Outsourcing the Hunt for Bin Laden in the LA Times:
Imagine the following scenario, which includes all the historical analogies that neoconservative ideologues like to apply -- World War II, Hitler, appeasement -- plus a bonus reference to the evil du jour, Spain.
As American and Allied forces invade Nazi Germany in 1945, Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and several SS troops flee to Fascist Spain, where they hide in the Pyrenees Mountains and mount guerrilla attacks against the Free French government. The American response? To ask Generalissimo Francisco Franco if he would be kind enough to send some of his forces to catch those Nazis -- and it would be nice if it could all be wrapped up before the 1948 presidential election.
Sound absurd? Well, there is an element of the absurd in the acrimonious debate on 9/11 taking place these days. Lawmakers and pundits are arguing about what could have been done to prevent the terrorist attacks. But they all agree that if Americans could rewind history to pre-9/11, they would have done everything humanly possible to capture or kill Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda associates -- sooner rather than later.

George W. Chamberlain. He is an appeaser. And he doesn't have Balls...