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Obama's new fruitcake strategy for businesses

Business Times - 11 Feb 2011

It's doubtful his pro-business rhetoric and proposed policies will make much difference


US President Barack Obama and America's business executives may have had their differences over the plans to reform the healthcare insurance and the financial regulatory systems. But there is certainly one issue over which they agree. It's all about jobs!

Indeed, the very big sign hanging on the front of the US Chamber of Commerce building across Lafayette Square in Washington, DC, not far from the White House, says it all - and in huge letters: 'JOBS'.

And considering the main theme of Mr Obama's address to the members of the Chamber of Commerce this week, there is no doubt that he would have liked to hang exactly the same sign in front of the White House.

Shared commitment

While the heads of the Chamber of Commerce tend to subscribe to the pro-business agenda of the Republican Party - in fact, some of them provid…