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Clash of ideologies over US deficit

Business Times - 23 Feb 2011

Clash of ideologies over US deficit

An agreement needs to be reached by March 4; if not, the federal government will run out of money and will shut down


EGYPTIAN supporters of trade union protesters in Wisconsin have been calling Ian's Pizza in Madison, the state capital, to donate pizzas to the public employees who have been demonstrating against Republican Governor Scott Walker's plan to eliminate collective bargaining rights.

That seems to fit into the political narrative drawn these days by Democratic activists who depict the protesting union workers as part of growing public backlash a la Tahrir Square against Republican-led pressure in state capitals and in Washington to slash the state and federal deficits on the back of financially distressed middle class workers.

'Wisconsin's Tunisia Moment' and 'Is it Madison or Cairo?' have been two of the recent headlines of posts in liberal blogs rep…