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Can Obama survive realpolitik abroad?

Business Times - 06 Aug 2008

His internationalist vision and strategy to restore respect for the US will face big obstacles in a 'post-American world'


WITH the exception of about 10 per cent of voters, Americans know by now that if elected as the next occupant of the White House, Barack Obama - who was born to a Kenyan-Muslim father but is now a practising Christian - will not become the first Muslim US president.

But is it possible that a future President Obama could end up selecting the first Muslim US secretary of state?

That is a speculation that has been raised by The New York magazine. That respected weekly suggested that columnist and author Fareed Zakaria - who was born to a prominent Muslim family in Mumbai - 'has the perfect intellectual pedigree (Indian-born, educated at Harvard, conservative) for a fast-changing world, and the kinds of friends in high places' that could help him land the job that had once been held by t…