WMD have been found in Iraq!

According to thegenius on the left above. And, yes, the Saddam-9/11 link has been confirmed!, the Iraqi Insurgency Entered Its ‘Last Throes’ In May 2005! and Elvis is alive!.


Anonymous said…
Professor - Your mockery of Santorum is too harsh. We must accord respect to men of good will. Recall the words of David Horowitz, the Godfather of modern conservatism and the byword of human decency:

"It is important for conservatives to make distinctions between those on the Left who were (and are) traitors or self-conceived enemies of the United States, and those who were (and are) the fellow-travelers of enemies of the United States, and those who are neither traitors, nor enemies, nor friends and protectors of enemies, but are American patriots who disagree with conservatives over tactical and policy issues."

Doesn't this Horowitz rule also apply to critiquing conservatives like Santorum? There's more:

"It is important, first because it is just, but also because it is a condition of democracy. Citizens will disagree over many issues and matters. In order for the democratic process to survive, all parties must refrain from attempts to de-legitimize those who disagree with them, provided they have legitimate concerns and dissents. If every Democrat is a traitor, if “the entire party cannot root for America,” we are left with a one party system."
-(From D. Horowitz's 7/03 essay on Coulter)
I hope that anonymous' comments here reflect a certain...mmm...post-modernist sense of humor. Too bad that SNL is not on this week. I'm afraid that "Santorunism" could enter into American political vocabulary: "Making fool of yourself while operating under the assumption that you can fool all of the people all of the time."
Anonymous said…
LOL - If Horowitz can think of himself as one who makes prudent distictions and counsels against against delegitimizing opponents, then Santorum should be able to think of himself as sensible centrist who can appeal to moderates statewide. Or not - but Santorum may not care about that - As the political consultants say - Pennsylvania is Philidelphia in the east, Pittsburg in the west, and Alabama in the middle. So bring on that wmd talk - no proof necessary to rally the base.
Dr. Hadar, you treated this with all the dignity it deserves. As I've shown over at my weblog, The Rockford Files, this document is much ado about nothing. If anything, it undermines the hysterical claims that the administration made in the run-up to the war. (You can find my post by clicking on my name above.)

Scott P. Richert
Executive Editor
Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture

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