Book Forum today

The Cato Institute held a forum today to discuss my book Archived Events Online. C-SPAN recorded it, so they should be airing it soon, perhaps as early as this weekend. Meanwhile you should read the review of Dr. Strauss about the event:
Looking for some concise, sane and informed analysis of the Middle East chaos? Who isn't.

You might do well to check out our friend, Dr. Leon Hadar of CATO and author of the book Sandstorm. Leon was the guest and subject of a CATO policy book forum today. He was joined by a panel featuring Jim Pinkerton of Newsday and Fox News, as well as Geoff Kemp, nee Reagan NSC staff for Middle Eastern Affairs and currently with the Nixon Center. Christopher Preble, Director of Foreign Policy Studies for CATO, served as the able emcee.

Leon's innovative analysis has earned strongly positive reviews from James Fallows, Middle East Review, Foreign Affairs and others. That trend continued today with both Jim and Geoff Kemp.

In short, Leon advocates the United States abandon the prison of the outmoded Cold War paradigm mandating massive (and counter-productive) U.S. engagement in the Mid East in favor of a gradual disengagement and discernment of true U.S. national interest. You can get more info via the link to the reviews of Leon's book at Amazon. Over on the left there. (read the rest on Stop The Spirit Of Zossen)


Gary said…
It will not succeed in reality, that's exactly what I think.
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