Haifa:A personal note

Haifa has been in the news quite a lot in the last few days. I was actually born in that city and although I didn't grow up there I spent several happy summers there with my grandparents, who incidently celebrated their honeymoon in a vacation in Lebanon (that was in the 1920's when you could take a train from Haifa to Beirut). And I also have several good friends in Lebanon and from Lebaon and have always wanted to visit the country. For many years (especially during the Oslo process), I've fantasized about the revival of Spirit the Levant (which includes Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon) hoping that the region could be transformed into a great global center of trade and tourism in which different religious and ethnic could co-exist together as they raise their families, make money, enjoy the great weather, go to the beach, and dream about far-away lands. Maybe one day...Inshallah. Meanwhile I'm very depressed and I hope and pray that the fighting will end asap.


globetrotter said…
Yes. All very depressing. Haifa is my favorite place in Israel and I always wanted to visit Lebanon.

I got my Middle Eastern Studies degree in mid-80’s and spent quite a bit of time there. After a 5-year investment of studying the region and learning Arabic, I sadly concluded the area and its problems were a sucker’s game for my country (the U.S.) but that I could at least change course. Three months later I was starting a joint Business/Southeast Asia grad program and sitting in a Thai 101 class. The Middle East still haunts me and I really feel for the individuals who have little choice but to try and deal with it.

Anyway, it should cheer you a bit to learn that I bought your books. I saw Quagmire in a bookstore in 2002. I was tempted to buy it then but thought that was just self-indulgent since I agreed with you. Now I view it as therapeutic.

Hope you get something out of the transaction.
Thanks! Globetrotter. I get roalties only from "Sandstorm".. In any case, be glad to respond to any question you have. you can also email me to: LeonHadar@aol.com

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