George W. Churchill?

I'm sick and tired of all these silly WWII analogies that have been applied by the Rumsfeld and Company to spin the war in Iraq (and the war on terrorism). I'm writing a long article on the topic which will be published next month. But I do want to share with you this Letter to the Editor that appeared in The Economist in May:

SIR– Please do not ever mention George Bush. And Winston Churchill in the same sentence again, even if you must break all the rules of grammar to do so.

Steve Pettit


And another short Letter to the Editor on the same subject in Time magazine:

Churchill and Bush can both be considered wartime leaders, just as Secretariat and Mr. Ed were both horses.


Norman, Okla.

Exactly my sentiments.


Comment said…
WH speechwriters love to cook up some Chicken McChurchill speeches for base to scarf down - whenever Dubya is supposed convey 'resolve' etc.

It's unfortunate that they do this - even Olmert seemed to try to mimic the Churchill cadence in speech to the Congress - as if that were a natural thing to do.

In many ways that was refreshing - seeing that other countries too were subject to Churchill imitatators.

Churchill was unique - Is this all Republican payback for Democrats mimicing JFK all those years?

Churchill was a better writer than Bush - But maybe Bush can write about his days in the National Guard = and see if it can compete with Churchill's military memoirs.
Anonymous said…
We will fight the besechers, both on the beach and against the retreaters. We will confront the suiciders with all our Almighties. We shall not burn flags nor fail our children. We'll never contend her.

-George Dubya Churchill

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