The war between the "narratives"

It's yalla ya Nasrallah - song from Israel Vs. yalla ya Nasrallah - The real thing!

Thanks to YouTube


Anonymous said…
THANK YOU for posting these videos. I'm glad to see that the internet is being utilized to spread the ENTIRE story and to expose what the REAL issues behind this crisis are.
Dariush said…
Cuaght your recent appearance on CSPAN. Top notch.

The second video here is poorly edited, especially the audio.

Maybe it's not my place, since I'm not exactly familiar with the finer points of video editing myself, but still...

And I could have done without the overdubbed cries and moans over the pictures. The pictures say enough without that junk.
Anonymous said…

Try to think of this as a Seinfeld episode with Olmert as a recurring character who has to deal with this Nasrallah guy during his day job.
I Hope you all understand that I have nothing to do with the making of these two videos as well as others that are available on "YouTube." I just chose the two because they seemed to reflect some of the sentiments out there. And thanks for the compliments re the book event. Leon
Dariush said…
Yes, you're right. I should have made it clear that everything after my comment about your CSPAN appearance wasn't actually directed at you yourself, but at whomever it was who uploaded that video on to YouTube.

Even though there's only a miniscule chance that he or she actually reads this blog, but still... I should have made that clear.
Anonymous said…

Speaking of narrative:

"The main subject in the Israeli press is: How could this war have been fought better?

And so it's clear that they didn't achieve what they thought they were going to achieve. And now the question is: Can they create a narrative of victory which will give them a chance to get out?"

-David Brooks
Brooks & Shields, Aug 4. 2006
well... when a katyhusha blows up your house, a good narrative cannot help you a lot...
Anonymous said…
The very casual way that Brooks just spoke of this in narrative terms was interesting because he spoke as if this was not an odd way to speak - right in the middle of a hot war.

It seems to this observer that things are just getting started and before things get better, they will get worse and Brooks may have to recalibrate his pitch.

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