Israel in the EU?

Wikipedia has an interesting summary of the debate on whether Israel should join the European Union (EU) and the implications of such a move. I've been promoting this idea for a long time (as the item points out) and expect it to gain even more momentum in the coming years as the EU adopts a mroe activist role in the Middle East. One interesting point that the piece raised: Today, six per cent of more than six million Israelis already hold a passport from an EU country. Another 14 per cent, or 700,000 people, are entitled to apply for one because they or their parents come from an EU Member State.


Eric Scharf said…
If Israel's good enough for UEFA, they might as well be in the EU.
Anonymous said…
While they are at it, they may as well join NATO. This would then remove the fear of attack by any neighbour.

Of course, the crazed Revisionist Zionists will oppose this because it would mean Israel will give up the West Bank. Jabotinsky will roll in his grave!!

To sweeten the pot and 'make them an offer they can't refuse' offer the same memberships to exchange for a full and final Peace Treaty with Israel.

mike davis
Anonymous said…
If Israel joined the EU, it would totally mess up the emerging Republican narrative that uses IDF activity for hawkish wedge talking points.

It would make Israel part of the Venus-Brussels theme.
mike davis said…
Derailing the Republican narrative is a plus for my suggestion...

Thank you for pointing it out. I reaffirm my suggestion ten fold.

mike davis
Thanks for your comments. Btw, re UEFA and other international sport groups. Israel actually belonged to the Asian basketball and football organizations during the 1950's and 1960's. The problem was that the Israelis ended up winning all the time, especially in basketball and a decision was made to move them to Europe which actually posed a major challenge to the Israelis and they've been doing quite all on both fronts since then.
Anonymous said…
Israel will achieve true peace when the have a number of players on Real Madrid and Manchester United.
Anonymous said…
Dr. Hadar,

Debates about Israeli policy are often generate more heat than light.

So read this:

You will find the more measured tone the particpants take more in keeping with your professorial temperment.

If not, you might get a kick out of the questions from the man from Haifa and the reponse he got.

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