Post-Bush foreign policy

Sorry. That's probably not going to happen even if the Democrats control Capitol Hill after November. So we'll have to wait two more years for the nightmare to end (and things COULD get worse). But it's not too early to start thinking about the Post-Bush Era and especially as it will affect foreign policy. My favorite foreign policy magazineThe National Interest held an interesting debate on the subject today between anti-neocon Republican Stefan Halper and pro-neocon Democrat Will Marshall. It's quite depressing if you consider that Halper is not going to have any influence on Republican President John McCain's foreign policy while Will Marshall and his Democratic Leadership Council and cadre of "liberal hawks" are going to play a major role in the administration of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Apropos National Interest magazine. At a time when the foreign policy "consensus" (from neoconism to neocon-lite)dominates the media, think tanks, etc, editor Nikolas K. Gvosdev and his colleagues are doing a great job providing a platform to dissenting views in Washington.


Anonymous said…
Nice pic... but totally unrealistic. Not because it has Bush resigning; but because it shows him giving the thumbs-up.

Knowing what we know about Bush, were he to boardChopper One for the last time under a cloud of impeachment or resignation, he would be proudly displaying an entirely less positive digit.

aelkus said…
Ah, but what a happy dream nonetheless.

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