Barney at War: We need to stay the course

“I will not withdraw, even if Laura and George W. are the only ones supporting me,” Bob Woodward quotes Barney as saying. Woodward's new book, Barney at War:Searching for Fire Hydrant, is the third of the Barney-at-War Trilogy. The first book was Barney at War: Winning, Doggy-Style followed by Barney at War: Wolfie is a Bitch.


LeoStrauss said…
Resolve, Barney !
Dennis Dale said…
Now there's a dog that hasn't been neutered.
Bring those foreign breeds to heel, Barney!
One eyewitness at the press conference pictured here claims that W was behind the podium humping Barney's leg as he spoke.
Anonymous said…
No Leon - you and mistranslated the dogscript.


"Barney: We need to smell the ass"

"I insist on sniffing, even if Laura and George W. are the only ones who understand,"
Stewart said…
This won't work in reality, that is what I suppose.
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