"A new kind of Neocon?"

The Right Web,an interesting webzine that monitors the the complex neoconservative "Comintern" and its many sub-groups and to which I contribute has just published my A New Kind of Neocon? which focuses on the rise of a "neoconservatism with a smiling Democratic face."


Anonymous said…
In your article you call Ken Pollack a cheerleader for the Iraq war.

He would probably take issue with that desscription - and he would probably tell you how Bush did everything opposite from the way he wanted things done, etc.

But that's whats interesting - because his book was extremely influential in that it helped many Democrats support a war for their own reasons, so they could still re-assure themselves that they were anti - Bush.
Anonymous said…
The movie that I referred to on the previous comments was called 'Enemy of the State' - Jon Voight, Gene Hackman and others.

When it came out , it seemed outlandish - and in some ways it still seems so, but their are prescient moments in it.

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