When Bella Abzug met Richard Nixon

The Nation and The National Interest hosted on Thursday a foreign policy discussion in Washington titled, "Beyond Neo-Cons and Neo-Libs: Can Realism Bridge Left and Right." It sounded very interesting. But I couldn't attend. So...read Dr. Strauss' very, very interesting report on the event First Date: Progressives And Realists Hold Hands. I personally like the idea of the meeting but I don't think that much will come out of it in terms of future cooperation between "realist" progressives and conservatives.


Danny said…
What if the top runners in their respective parties, McCain & Clinton, win nomination of their parties for the 2008 elections? Would there be a third party candidate to draw the anti-war vote, aside from Nader? Could such a candidate make inroads among more than one political camp?
Anonymous said…
Do you recall that Bella Abzug party at the Museum of Modern Art - in the movie Annie Hall?

Imagine Nixon showing up to that party !

That would funny.

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