Why did the elites turn against Bush

Michael Wolff explains inSurvivor: The White House Edition in the new issue of Vanity Fair. (It's not the piece about the neocons bad-mouthing Bush). It's the "third act" of a failing war and "everybody's positioning himself for the end."


Anonymous said…
I hope that Wolff doesn't seriously believe that Bush can "fire Cheney".

The vice-Presidency is a constitutional office and the Veep cannot be fired, only impeached.

Bush could make life unpleasant for Cheney, revoking Cheney's privileges, but Cheney knows where all the bodies are buried and might sing if he got sufficiently pissed off.

And a lot of people wouldn't like that.
Anonymous said…
Bush loves fart jokes - supposedly Cheney does not like fart jokes. Democrats should try to exploit this wedge - and turn Bush and Cheney against each other - by exploiting such differences.

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