Osirak Redux?

Please read my new analysis in The American Conservative on how An Israeli strike on Iran would pin the U.S. down in Iraq and resuscitate the neocons.


Anonymous said…
I would not put it past the neo-cons to be hoping for a scenario like this. I was struck at reading one neo-con's reaction (forget which one exactly) to Bush's and the war's declining popularity when he stated, "maybe we need to get hit again". Translation: the neo-con wishes we would get hit again.

Could anyone believe Pat Robertson's ridiculous assertion that he had been told by God that we would suffer a big nuclear attack in some city in 2007? I think Robertson actually sublimianlly (or maybe even consciously) wishes this would happen so he could tell America how much they deserved it for not voting the way he would have them do. He sure as hell never tired of telling us Katrina was God's punishment on the largest Christian nation on earth for whatever shortcoming we had in the Rev's eyes that week. The Bush Administration and its neo-con supporters are in the very weird position right now of actually being helped by a terrorist attack if one did occur. Around the water cooler, all I hear is "lets get the hell out, and bring the kids home".

I get sick to death of seeing kind hearted evangelical dupes getting suckered by the Armaggedon-psyche-mongering by the political brain of Karl Robbisspphere. The sooner we can get the troops out and home and ending the Bush dynasty, the safer we will be.

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