In Chronicles Magazine

Just to let you know that four (!) of my articles on the U.S. and the Middle East were published in the January, February and March issues of Chronicles which is one of the most original magazines around which publishes leading paleo-conservative writers. Most of the magazine is not available online, so you can either purchase or subscribe to it. Also the Rockford Institute, which publishes Chronicles, has also published a book (which I may have mentioned before), Peace in the Promised Land: A Realist Scenario. It's an anthology and one the articles on the Israeli perspective was authored by your truly.


LeoStrauss said…
Great news!

Please tell us there was no quid pro quo -- the contract didn't have a secret rider requiring you to denounce fossils as Satan's evil tricks, one hopes! A joke my paleo friends -- everyone knows fossils are secular progressive AgitProp.

Joking aside, congrats. This is very encouraging.
Thanks. It's a great magazine and the editors and writers are some of the most intelligent and educated people that I know.

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