Can't wait for this movie...

Warner Bros is apparently doing a movie about outed CIA agent Valerie Plame and her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson. Wilson was kind enough to attend a party marking the publication of my book, Sandstorm: Policy Failure in the Middle East a few months ago in Washington. When I signed my book for him, I wrote that "I hope Michael Douglas will play you and Sharon Stone will play your wife in the movie they'll probably make." Could happen. Well, it won't be Basic Instinct, but it will revolve around crimes and will certainly have a Bush and even a Dick.


Anonymous said…
The characters in Lord Black's trial are more entertaining - It's hard to top Lord Black and Barbara.

But if I had to script this trial - complete with our anti-Cheney bias, informed as it is by an awareness of what they really were doing by going after Joe, I'd focus more on how the trial affected things indirectly.

Joe Wilson drives the Bush people crazy -- It's about his personality and much else and that was a factor in their mistaken obsession with him. Cheney also saw him as a deep threat.

But the movie should focus on this catalytic aspect of Wilson's persona and also the roll of Hardball - When the Scooterians say Wilson lied, they never quote Wilson, but always quote Matthews misquoting Wilson.
Anonymous said…
This was the most exciting day of Chris Matthews life.

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