Good Morning Iraq

Please check out my latest which explains which tries to compare the Modus Operandi of LBJ and GWB.


weknow said…
This article came up the other day when googling; I remembered the Tonkin Gulf revelations coming out in detail a couple months ago. The Vietnam history lesson is the one our nation is familiar with whether or not it applies. So let's see.
The SEATO treaty gave us the theoretical moral authority to enter Vietnam in force. LBJ was in the historical moment of hitting the American Left with the reality of Empire and the Global Right with the Realpolitick of Civil Rights. Substitute Cheney for GWB and maybe you have a case. My thought is that Israel is the parallel to Vietnam and the result when you do everything right and still feel unrewarded by your efforts.
The feeling was since 1979 that the US relied on gadget intel rather than assets on the ground. So now that's solved... If securing the Afghan/Pakistan region was an issue, then our Good war/Bad war posturing in Congress will secure funding until 2020. Iraq has treasure worth fighting for(not just oil) and entrepreneur/pirates will do so now that the US has opened Pandora's Box.
The battle in Tehran is for the hearts and minds of the hip-hop generation, the youth. Ahmadinejad (who has the charisma of Obama) is being set up by powers that be as an example of what happens when you get unreasonable. There is an underlying desire in the US for embassy hostage payback and the current military posturing combined with 24/7 satelite news diplomacy will thread it's way thru the Ides of March.
My favorite reading this week was "Interview of a Senior Administration Official by the Traveling Press" I think the best face on things would be to convict Scooter of something and give him a year and a half at a country club. It would put everyone in future years (Judith Miller types too)on notice of what's up.

"You say you want a revolution, well you know...we all want to change the world"
Thanks WHB
Thanks! There are a lot of parallels but also differences between U.S. in Vietnam and Iraq. Among other things, in Vietnam there was the constraints imposed by the international system during the Cold War, the Soviet Union and China. And the domestic constraints in the form of the opposition at home. In Iraq, we have a unipolar system, so no major constraints by global powers, more by regional players, like Iran. And we know how the current domestic opposition looks like. All of which explains why Bush is not about to withdraw from Iraq. As far as Israel, my arguments has been that it cannot rely on the U.S. for its survival in the long run.
RLaing said…
Intel, schmintel--when powerful nations want war, they find ways to have war, otherwise not.

In the same decade that an imaginary attack on a U.S. vessel led to war in Vietnam, a real attack on another U.S. vessel had no consequences at all: Israel's attempt to murder the crew of the USS Liberty in 1967. In that case, not only did LBJ tolerate the attack, he actually intervened to prevent U.S. military assets in the area from coming to the aid of the stricken vessel.

Some things get amplified, some things get buried, and the nature of the actual events themselves are almost irrelevant.

This business of looking for 'morality' in global affairs is a fool's errand.
weknow said…
"But what a fool believes he sees
No wise man has the power to reason away
What seems to be
Is always better than nothing..."

My son has an interesting intuitive sense. He had a different take on GP's post than I did. I asked him to pick out one thing to focus on and he said "In Iraq, we
have a unipolar system". Perhaps because "unipolar" is a seldom seen word; not in my older dictionary. Of
course if you plug"unipolar system" into Google you get plenty. I see the dominant forces today of Globalization and Corporatism as being inherently multipolar-battle is waged within the system and marked to market in whatever time interval you wish, tick by tick. Traders see ninety seconds as an eternity whereas one could see the period of 1963 to 2001 as a distinct but brief period.
The American figure W. Deen Mohammed taught me the idea of Islam as being that we are all Muslims, we just don't know it. My sense of healthy life is that man's desire of oneness is exactly half the deal, the other half being the uniqueness of every human spirit-six billion and counting.
In the U.S. and Israel there is an uncertainty of just where the moral center is. As long as we retain that doubt, we will keep the high ground, as ugly as it seems.
And as lame as it sounds, the History Channel comes up with a lot of stuff I missed along the way, for example the Liberty attack.

"Teach your children well
Your father"s hell
Will slowly go by"
Thanks WHB

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