Vice President Lieberman?

I don't know about you, but I'm getting a strange feeling that Cheney is on his way out. It's the news, the body-language, the vibes. And I'm guessing that Lieberman could end up as a V.P. which would be a smart move on the part of Bush -- message of "bi-partisanship," messing up the Democrats on Capitol Hill, helping the Republicans, and getting ready for the war with Iran. Well, I said that would be a "smart move on the part Bush" which in itself doesn't make a lot of sense. So I hope that Abu el Banat doesn't leave. I'll miss him...


A.E. said…
As unpopular as Cheney is, jettisoning him would be a very prominent sign of weakness.

I think Lieberman could be a possible Giuliani running mate though. That would be a rather scary tag-team.
You're probably right, although issues of "health" and "family" can always be applied in such cases (and health is a real issue for Cheney). Interestingly enough, I heard from a friend today that Hally Barbour is actually being considered as a replacement for Cheney.

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