The Sopranos - The Final Scene

I feel a lot of pressure to write something about the Sopranos final scene. I actually liked it. Very creative: produce your own finale. But I really liked the way Chase developed the AJ character in the final episodes. He enters the looney bin. And then he becomes a New Age environmentalist. And finally he starts repeating all the neocon cliches about the war on terror but ends up a chicken hawk.


Anonymous said…
They took the vid down Dr. H. YouTube has been having to do that with alot of copyrighted material as of late. I appreciate the gesture, as Ive not been able to see the series for a few years, but have rented some seasons at Blockbuster.

Renting popular TV series (Deadwood, Rome) has provided us a bit of entertainment as of late. I think there is some real potential in history-based fare (ex. a "Rome" of Ancient Egypt, or the Middle Ages, or Greece, Babylon, the far east, etc.)

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