Hillary trying to "Jesse Jacksonize" Obama

According to the New York Daily News Hillary's people are going to use Obama's willingness to meet with baddies like Iran's president as a way of making the guy who is very, very popular among Jewish voters look as insensitive to Jewish concerns:
Political observers said they expected Clinton to waste no time using Obama's comment to shore up her standing among key voter blocs, such as Cuban-Americans in bellwether Florida and Jewish voters who may find the idea of a sitdown with the Holocaust-denying president of Iran disturbing.
Team Clinton plans "to use these issues in outreach in the states [and nationally] with Jewish leadership and Jewish grass-roots voters," a Democratic operative familiar with the Clinton campaign told the Daily News.

In a related subject, an entertaining "exchange" between Podhoretz Junior and Philip Weiss on Weiss' blog. BTW his blog which in trying to ignite debate among American-Jews over Israel and Zionism is worth reading.


Miriam said…
Appalling. I've been a Democrat for almost half a century but I will never, ever cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. I'd vote for a drunken bum in rehab before I'd vote for her-- far less damage done!

She screwed over the Democratic base on Iraq, but that was just the start-- then she started pushing for an amendment against flag-burning, arrogantly attacking the labor movement *and* now she's trying to work hard to increase H1-B visas to ship off still more US jobs to India. An outrage! I won't vote for her, no matter how much her campaign tries to bribe the American people into doing that.
Anonymous said…
Calling all Americans in Singapore!!!

Please join the "Singapore Obama Page" at the Obama 08 campaign website.


B. brown

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