The Choice in November

The look of love
Is in your eyes
The look your smile cant disguise
The look of love
Is saying so much more
Than just words could ever say
And what my heart has heard
Well it takes my breath away
(lyrics by Hal David.

One of these two pro-war candidates. A real "change."


Anonymous said…
If any well funded Republican could have run a bunch of campaign commercials with that photo, McCain might not have gotten the nomination.

We seen hardly any campaign commericials here in Tennessee this time round'. Money decides who gets elected other than FoxNews et al simply not paying any attention to the other candidtates. We were told it was Guilaini, and then McCain as the frontrunner all along. The hopped on Huck just long enough for Huck to wrest any momentum Thomspon, Romney, or any of the others could have in the religious Iowa.....and then they dumped him.

I'll probably either not vote, or vote Democrat. A vote for McCain rewards the Frums who have been attacking anyone to the right of them, trying to move the party leftward since they were given positions of influence by Buckley (who was one of them at heart in my opinion) since they showed up on the scene in the early nineties. They have to be repudiated or the old Reagan-Dem coalition will fall apart for good and be forgotten.

I think the establishment really wants McCain, and hence why they are trying to assist Obama. They must have some pretty embarrassing stuff on him. A radio talk show host mentioned a gay guy who claims to have done some things other than just cocaine with Obama......there might be more out there like that. I dont believe Fox has been pumping Obama because Murdoch likes the guy. There has got to be something up with that.

It looks like Columbia is giving us a reason to be a "hero" and throw down Chavez. I wonder what we have to do with that behind the scened. AhmadiniNUTJOB is also doing the neo-cons favors. If he was smart, and he's not, he'd shut his mouth, pull a Putin, and continue to build a modern Iranian state with a powerful economy. Nukes can be bought someday and shipped in by a Navy (like the Russian or Chinese Navy) in a way that we couldn't do anything about it without risking a war with THEM. He's an idiot. Iran shouldn't want nukes anyway, they have oil......nobody really wants to destroy someting so precious. Villifying him will be a talking point in McCains campaign, and here he is helping matters. No sense at all.

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