Deconstructing Republican presidential candidates

My new article in the American Conseravtive (March 10, 2008), "Model Citizens: Beyond the Realist vs. Idealist Debate" is out but not available online yet. But if you click on the two item below and print them, you could read it (I hope):


An interesting reformulation of the contemporary debate. As I read your article, I would shorthand it something like this (in contemporary terms):

Jeffersonians = paleocon-libertarians; Jacksonians = Reagan Democrats; Hamiltonians = Cheney/Rumsfeldians; and Wilsonians = Bush-Neocons/Clinton-Neolibs.

It would be nice, and even tolerable, if the Washington Establishment was split roughly and proportionately along those lines. Unfortunately, the Washington Establishment is so dominated by money-worshipping Hamiltonians and warped, Israel-first "idealistic" Wilsonians who, in typical authoritarian fashion, refuse to tolerate the inclusion of other perspectives, that to defeat them, a more simplistic, dualistic approach becomes necessary: real Americans vs. greedy Neolib/Neocon parasites.

But that was their choice, not ours. Their authoritarian delusions of grandeur and insecure drive to dominate refuses to tolerate dissent, opposition or competition, and hence make them insufferable to those who understand that dissent, opposition and competition are at the core of American greatness.

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