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Dennis Dale said…
Your last post on Obama summed it up quite well.
Perhaps most important for the anti-McCain voter is Obama's likely better chance in the general election.
Geraldine Ferraro said nothing that wasn't obviously true--there's still more resistance to a female candidate generally and Hillary in particular, though Obama's failure to reach working class whites may damn him as well.
McCain must be an unbearable gloating prick right now (when he isn't in congress with fawning members of his press corps--there are more illicit group intimacies going on in the back the Straight Talk Express than aboard a rock band's tour bus).
I totally agree. And as far as the general election -- who really knows? I'm not even sure if the "working class whites" really exist as a group. Is a 30-year old man working as a trainer in a gym a member of the "working class?" What about all these young kids that are going to vote? A lot of unknowns, but the opposition to the war and the anger over the economy is there.

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