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What Bush expects from our European allies

Now.. that's a Good European Ally Condi the Lightweight is once again in one of those image-making trips around the world, this time in Europe where she is trying to make sure that our allies understand that Uncle Bush knows what's good for them. So what's really the Big Deal if we established a few secret detention centers a.k.a. "tortue chambers" in some of the former communist states in eastern Europe (didn't we win the Cold War to get rid of their torture chambers?) that have joined the European Union? We did kidnap a German citizen who we had suspected of terrorism, doing one of those "renditions" (after we tortured him we discovered that he wasn't a terrorist. Never mind...) but the Germans and the other Europeans should understand that we did it for their own good. And, yes, the CIA abducted a radical Islamic cleric in Italy and flew him to Egypt where he was tortured and also made a phone call to his radical Moslem pals in Italy and warn