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The German Spring in TNI

Published on The National Interest ( Source URL (retrieved on Dec 19, 2011): Springtime for Merkel and Germany | More [1] | December 19, 2011 Leon Hadar [2] For the first time since its founding in 1871, Germany seems to be in a position to achieve its long-standing objective of bringing much of Europe under its control, through peaceful means this time around. True, some people—for example, Greeks and the Italians—are resisting the new form of German geoeconomic hegemony in Europe, achieved through a new form of French collaboration. But the pundits are disparaging these Mediterranean people as a lazy bunch of beach dwellers and party goers on the periphery of Europe who have yet to acquaint themselves with the basics of twenty-first-century financial literacy. Indeed, much of the prevailing media discourse views the euro-zone debate as being over economic policies—or, as New York Times c