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Double Standards?

I finally had a chance to read James Kirchick piece in the New Republic about a few racist, homophobic and what is described as "Israel-obssesed" (like the New York Times is not "Israel-obsessed?") quotes from newsletters published once- unon-a-time by Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul about whom I had written here and I've been following the debate over the issue, including Dr. Paul's interview on CNN (via Whoever had written these comments should not be regarded as a libertarian but as a small-time bigot. I do believe Dr. Paul who maintains that he didn't author the material in the newsletters. And I totally agree with the point he made in CNN that racism, homophbia, and anti-Semitism are collectivist ideologies that run contrary to the basic principles of libertarianism. For the sake of transparency, I think that it would be a good idea for Dr. Paul to let us know who did author these ugly comments and then he will be abl