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Stab in the Back: NYT is responsible for the U.S. setbacks in Iraq...

A US combat commander suggested the United States could lose the war in Iraq if public support for it at home is sapped by negative media coverage. "My personal opinion is that the only way we will lose this war is if we pull out prematurely," said Colonel Jeffrey Snow, a brigade commander in Baghdad. "I would hope we get the time and support we need to finish this mission," he said in a video conference from Iraq. like we didn't know Yep, Take a look at the morning paper nowadays and it's clear that America has a lot of enemies. Two or three different brands of insurgency are operating in Iraq. North Korea has nuclear weapons and Pakistan is selling them. Our former best friend in Baghdad turns out to be an American spy. Al Qaeda, of course, is still out there. All this notwithstanding, some commentators on the right seem to have decided that the real enemies aren't the ones they read about it the papers, but the people who write them. read "The re