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Is the neocon nightmare dead? Can I wake up?

Christopher Orlet (who runs the The Existential Journalist ponders in a very interesting piece in The American Spectator whether the neocon "dream" is dead: These are hard days for the neocons. [not sure about that. sugar daddies continue to fund weekly standard and company; neocons still hired as op-ed writers by elite newspapers and show-up on television news shows] There are defections left and right (well, mostly right). [am not sure about this "right" and "left" thing; I always associated social engineering on a global scale with the left] Those who remain on board seem as wobbly as Kate Moss after an all-night coke binge. [cool metaphors and analogies invlving Paris Hilton or Survivor demonstrate that you're not a stuffy analyst but are in touch with the popular culture.I do that all the time] Last month Francis Fukuyama -- always an irresolute neocon [always irresolute? really?] -- formally severed all ties:[ a day that would live in infam