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Trapped in a political gridlock

Business Times - 20 Feb 2010 Trapped in a political gridlock Americans could find themselves facing financial bankruptcy, but there seems to be very little political will on Capitol Hill to do anything about it By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT THE announcement by Democratic Senator Evan Bayh, 54, from Indiana that he would not be seeking re-election this year is continuing to send political shockwaves across Washington. After all, the relatively young and very telegenic lawmaker, who had served as a successful governor of Indiana and was elected in 1998 to the Senate seat once held by his father, was considered to be one of the leading stars in the American political scene. Almost everyone seemed to agree that he was destined to run for, and even get elected, as president sooner or later; in fact, Bayh was on the top of the list of President Barack Obama's choices for the position of vice-president. And as a conservative Democrat representing a traditionally Republican-leanin