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More on the debate in NYC

I've received a few emails from friends who wanted to get more info on and impressions from my debate in NYC (mentioned in earlier posts) with David Frum and Craig Charney (seen above). Well, I'm told that the Donald and Paula Smith Family Family Foundation will soon have a video and audio versions of the debate on their website here. It's difficult to figure out who had "won" the debate since most of the people who attended probably arrived with preconceived notions about the Mideast, U.S. policy, etc. Overall it seems to me that Frum and the neocons are now on the defensive and as I noted, I was surprised that he refrained from advancing the Wilsonian/democracy project in the Mideast during his comments. In any case, I was delighted that my views reflecting a libertarian and Realist perspective were aired in such a prestigious forum. On a related issue checkout the new website of National Interest magazine, The National Interest Online which has posted an piec