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The outcome of a "robotic" process

Business Times - 04 Aug 2011 The outcome of a 'robotic' process Compromise deal on debt ceiling plays into the hands of Obama's rivals whose vision may be flawed but is consistent By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT NOW that 'Watson', the artificial intelligence (AI) computer system developed by IBM, has demonstrated in the US television quiz show Jeopardy that a computer working off a database stuffed with millions of documents culled from various sources could beat a human, it might be interesting to find out whether the IBM researchers could come up with an AI computer system that could be as effective in managing bureaucratic organisations that function in the business and political arenas, including the US presidency. But then it seems that something close to a POTUS computing system already exists - and it's called 'President Barack Obama'. Indeed, if one examines the domestic and foreign policy decisions that have been made by the current White