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The chutzpah of the "Isramericanli Likudnecons"

Much of the discussion in the MSM and online has focused on the role of the so-called Israel Lobby and the American neocons have played in influencing U.S. elite and public opinion to back their interventionist policy in the Middle East, including the support for Israel. But a recent post by Jim Lobe on Wall Street Journal Votes for Netanyahu should draw our attention to the way that Israeli-American-Likudnik-Necons (or for short: Isramericanli Likudnecons) – American neocons who relocated to Israel but seem to be spending more time publishing and commenting in the U.S. -- like historian Michael Oren are trying to exploit the influence of their political allies in the U.S. to affect political and electoral outcomes inside Israel. Many years ago, I published an article in Foreign Policy magazine America And Israel: Reforming Israel-Before It's Too Late in which I argued, among other things, that the President Bush I’s pressure on Israel to end its settlement policy could help we