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Obama drifting into war with Iran

Business Times - 24 Feb 2010 Obama drifting into war with Iran He's more dependent on support from conservative Democrats and Republicans who want tougher action against Teheran By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT IT is quite possible that confounding the conventional wisdom, the Obama administration has been conducting secret negotiations with Iran that could open way to a diplomatic detente between the two governments. It is also possible that Washington is working behind the scenes with the Israelis and Palestinians to create the conditions for bringing about a peace accord between these two peoples. It's possible but not so probable. Even if something has been going on in that not-that-much-utilised sphere of 'secret diplomacy' - and once upon a time diplomacy used to be secret and went 'public' only after the deals were made - one would expect in this era of 24/7 news coverage opponents of American-Iranian dialogue in Washington and Teheran and Israeli a