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Obama's road to re-election fraught with obstacles

Business Times - 01 Mar 2011 Obama's road to re-election fraught with obstacles A recent poll shows he runs even with a 'generic' Republican presidential contender By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT HIS public opinion poll numbers look much better than they did last year in the aftermath of the impressive Republicans' wins in the midterm elections. But despite some signs that more Americans now approve of his leadership style and the direction of his policies, US President Barack Obama and his political aides recognise that his road to getting re-elected to a second term are stacked with many obstacles. President Obama's handling of the shooting tragedy in Tuscon, Arizona, including his calls for more civility in American public life, helped him win praise from both Democrats and Republicans and scored many political brownie points with the American public. There have been some signs that the American economy is starting to recover - the stock market seem to be