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Salad Bowl Politics

Business Times - 15 Feb 2008 Salad Bowl politics in the US Hispanics are the new ingredient and they could decide who occupies the Oval Office come November By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT POLITICAL scientists who have followed the growing ethnic tensions in Kenya, in the aftermath of the disputed presidential election there, have described this development as a setback to the process of political development in sub-Saharan Africa. Indeed, the dominant view among Western experts is that there is a close correlation between the ability of voters to disregard ethnic, religious and tribal identities when they elect their leaders and the progress towards political modernisation. Hence, the tendency of your average academic to deride the 'Balkanisation' or 'Lebanonisation' of electoral politics, the kind that even a developed country like Belgium has been experiencing recently, and to celebrate the model of the Melting Pot that had traditionally been associated with A

Are Sovereign Wealth Funds good for the Jews...?

Interesting perspective by Philip Weiss.