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Bobos Meises

If we had an American version of the Soviet-era Pravda , David Brooks , would be working for it. Ooops...we actually have an American-style Pravda, it's the Wall Street Journal editorial page ,and come to think about it, Brooks once worked for them, issuing -- just like he is doing now -- the most recent neocon Line of the Day. The author of that cliche ridden pop-sociology Bobos in Paradise , he was selected by the New York Times to replace the retiring "conservative" columnist and "Dick" Nixon's Monica Lewinsky (sorry for this image), Bill Safire (he now occassionally brings him from the dead through op-ed seance ), at a time when the neocons were the rising stars in the NYC/DC's Zeitgeist. Brooks was supposed to be the counterpoint on the political right to the "liberal" Tom Friedman . Until now, the only "debate" between the two seemed to focus on who could prove more effective in promoting the Global Democracy project. Brooks

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