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And now it's time for 'Cainesian' economics

Business Times - 21 Oct 2011 And now it's time for 'Cainesian' economics Former pizza salesman Herman Cain could well be next Republican presidential candidate By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT POP psychologists have proposed that there is a certain kind of woman who consistently tends to reject Mr Right, the trustful, responsible, hard-working and intelligent man who loves and wants to marry her. Instead, she seems always attracted to Mr Wrong who almost everyone knows is just not good for her. These days it seems that the entire Republican Party may be suffering from this Rebuffing-Prince-Charming disorder. Republicans will have to marry - electorally speaking, that is - one of their party's presidential candidates in the coming months in a wedding ceremony aka 'presidential primaries' with the prospective groom carrying them straight into the White House (hopefully) after next year's elections. But the man who has been courting the Republicans for th