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More on Robertson, Sharon, Netanyahu, etc.

Steven Clemons, one of Washington's leading intellectual entrepreneurs, is following the reactions to Pat Robertson's suggestions that God was punishing Sharon for dividing the land of Israel, including the White House's reaction on his popular blog, The Washington Note . I am still hoping for a more forceful responses from American-Jewish figures who at one time or another went ballistic when, say, Jesse Jackson or Pat Buchanan made comments that were alleged to be anti-Israeli or anti-semitic. I don't recall either of the two expressing the view that Israel's Prime Minister deserved to die a slow and horrible death. And my online pal Diana Moon has some provocative stuff on Sharon on her great blog Letter from Gotham I think she makes excellent points about the need to de-romanticize Sharon. Here is what I argued in an old piece "'Courageous' Sharon 'Disengages' From Gaza" in "Chronicles" magazine You’ve probably heard the one