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Obama gets taste of business as usual

Business Times - 13 Jan 2009 Obama gets taste of business as usual Despite his efforts, it's unlikely that he'll be able to get an economic stimulus package approved before February By LEON HADAR AGAINST the backdrop of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, there was concern in Washington and Wall Street that with President George W Bush about to leave town and President-elect Barack H Obama not being here yet, the perception that 'no one was in charge' would take hold and would have a downbeat effect on the depressed financial markets. But once again, Mr Obama has dumbfounded the bearish sceptics through his success in filling the political vacuum during the Interregnum and thus demonstrating to policymakers and investors that while he is not yet occupying the White House and making decisions, he is still able to help set the economic policy agenda and shape national sentiment. In a series of media events, Mr Obama introduced the leading members of his