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Globalization stuff

My recent commentaries from the Singapore Business Times: Business Times - 10 Apr 2007 Globalisation's threat to 'jobs of the future' Free trade could become a major victim of the growing white-collar revolt By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT IN ONE of those cheap made-for-television dramas I was watching a few days ago, the viewers followed the tragic tale of a single middle-class woman who loses her job, applies for bankruptcy and together with her two young daughters is evicted from her home in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She is forced to join the ranks of the homeless in the city. She and her daughters end up spending their nights in public parks and begging for money until one day the woman is killed by another homeless person. Anyone who is familiar with the profiles of the homeless population in America's cities knows that the chances of encountering members of a middle-class family among the homeless are close to zero. There is still a solid safety net in t