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Obama's class warfare or just plain fairness?

Business Times - 21 Sep 2011 Obama's class warfare or just plain fairness? With his debt-reduction plan, he hopes to change the terms of the debate over fiscal policy By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT AFTER months of urging Congress again and again to start doing something about America's ballooning federal deficit, US President Barack Obama decided that it was time for him to set the agenda and provide some leadership on the issue. US lawmakers may not be ready to come up with a concrete plan to put America's fiscal house in order. But Mr Obama made it clear on Monday that he had a debt-reduction plan. He challenged Republicans on Capitol Hill and those who are hoping to get him out of the White House next year to a fight over the nation's social and economic priorities. He framed the debate thus: Who would have to carry the main burden of balancing the budget? The struggling middle class and the poor or the country's millionaires and billionaires? The plan th