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Disseminating American ideals,4582,483334,00.html? Business Times - 24 Mar 2012 Disseminating American ideals The US should know that the best way to spread its ideals is not by forcing them on other nations, but by perfecting its own political and economic model By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT AMERICANS are once again surprised to learn that the rest of humanity doesn't always share their hopes and dreams - or even their basic set of values. Hence, in the aftermath of the massacre in Afghanistan of 16 people in the hands of an American soldier, some pundits have been trying to resolve what they consider to be a paradox of sorts. While the accidental burning of Qurans by US government employees in Afghanistan last month triggered violent protests outside Nato (North Atlantic Treating Organisation) that took at least 29 lives, the intentional mass murder of Afghan civilians, including nine children in Kandahar on March 11 have led to a few and mostl