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And the Palin selection

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Which story will US voters embrace?

Business Times - 02 Sep 2008 Will Obama come across as more 'American' - and thus more electable - or will it be McCain? By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT S OMETIMES even cliches can sound profound. Like when politicians and pundits were referring to last week's Democratic National Convention as 'historic', as a 'defining moment' and as a 'day to remember'. Or when one of the young delegates to the gathering that nominated Senator Barack Obama as the party's presidential candidate told a television reporter that she felt as though 'history was being made tonight, and I was part of it'. Her tearful mother, sitting next to her in the huge outdoor stadium added: 'I wanted my daughter to be a witness to something that I had never believed will be taking place in my lifetime.' Exactly 45 years after civil rights leader Martin Luther King delivered his historic 'I have a dream' speech, his dream of doing away with the scour