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Surgpill: For post-occupation depression (POD)

Are you having one of those days? Who are the "shites?" And the "Sunimis?" I wish Dick was here... Are you irritatedibalized? I really have to go to the potty... Can't find your way? The WMD's are in Rummy's tuches..heee...heee... Well, that's what happens when you occupy countries in the Middle East for a very long time. You are probably suffering from post-occupation depression (POD). And when you need a Surge, you take Surgpill! Indeed, the anti-POD Surgpill stimulates the birth of new brain cells in rats jumping from ships aka Ken Adelmans, scientists have found. A similar effect in humans might explain how the drug has helped hundreds of of emperors world-wide to cope with POD. There are no sexual side-effects! One in five members of the Bush Administration are likely to suffer from POD in the next two years, yet medical opinion is divided as to its cause. Some believe it is a genetic disease (stupidity) or a chemical imbalance (recovering alc