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Iraq, Israel and American-Jews

Good for Israel? Late last year I published a analysis in the contrarian American Conservative titled, Bad For You Too? How the Iraq War disappointed Israel , in which I challenged the notion (axiom?) that the neoconservative agenda of ousting Saddam Hussein and spreading "democracy" in the Middle East advanced long-term Israeli interests. That is certainly not the conclusion that you would draw after skimming through analyses issued by Israeli experts since the collapse of Saddam’s statue in downtown Baghdad and which suggest that America has been fighting the right war (against terrorism) in the wrong place (Iraq). “The war in Iraq did not damage international terror groups but instead distracted the United States from confronting other hotbeds of Islamic militancy and actually ‘created momentum’ for many terrorists,” the Associated Press recently reported of a study conducted by “a top Israeli security think tank.” The Jaffe Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv Unive