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Obama's real job: cleaner and group therapist

Business Times - 31 Dec 2009 Obama's real job: cleaner and group therapist By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT AS ONE of the most exhilarating - and yet depressing - years in the history of Washington comes to an end, many pundits are already writing the political obituary of the leading character in this chapter: Barack Obama is predicted to become a one-term president. Indeed, some of Mr Obama's former groupies have become very melodramatic, depicting him as the Fallen Messiah or as the God that Failed, and insisting that they will not be stuffing envelopes or knocking on doors in Iowa on his behalf if Mr Obama decides to run for a second term in 2012. It is certainly too early to start making political bets on the outcome of the next presidential race or, for that matter, on the Congressional midterm election in 2010. But the collapse of the Cult of Obama and the recognition that he has become a 'normal' political figure and will probably not turn out to be a '